Thursday, March 11, 2010

Alumni Interaction with Phani Raj

Once a placecomer, always a placecomer.. ! Sticking to the saying Mr. Phani Raj Gadiraju a.k.a Phani started the Reflection session on a bit serious note on 10th March 2010.

His invaluable tips on how to build a resume are undoubtedly very important for SOM11 and gave us the push in right direction. dvice to focus on academics and emphasis on best performance in Internships motivated us to give the best. His stress upon improving the communication skills would be a biggest take away for the class. After some serious talk, the class also got the glimpses of lighter side of Phani with explanation of the tag line “How does that matter?” He got engaged and getting married in May this year. Every sentence of Phani stressed upon the dedicated efforts put by him for betterment of SOM, may it be biggest achievement of well placing the entire batch or takeaway from SOM as interaction with diverse people.

The session ended with wishing him the best wishes in personal and professional life. It’s a matter of pride to have Phani as a part of SOM family.


  1. Good work Alhad...To add on what you have written, he also put stress on Positions of Responsibilities & Competitions in impressing the HRs who is verifying your resume. He also talked at length about how taking up a responsibility helped him in grooming himself with lot of interactions, networking & crisis management....


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