Sunday, March 28, 2010

Workshop by Brigadier K S Bhoon, Head-T & D - ACC Concrete on 27/03/2010

PDC (Personality Development & Cognizance) Club of SJMSoM, IIT Bombay organised a workshop by Brigadier K S Bhoon, Head-T & D - ACC Concrete on 27/03/2010. The workshop was held on “Emotional Intelligence”.

The speaker gave an insightful presentation on Emotional Intelligence which was followed be a test to gauge the EQ of the participants. A total of 30 participants attended the session and showed an overwhelming response. Brigadier K S Bhoon, Head of training & development at ACC Concrete is part of Top Management Team providing leadership in Strategy formulation and Organisational Capability building. In Past, Brig. Bhoon has held many strategic roles – Brigadier in Indian Army, Director (Management Development) -Ashok Leyland, President of Hosur (TN) Industrial Associations, a Columnist on Supply Chain Management and HR issues for National News papers and Magazines, Faculty at Defense Services Staff College Wellington.

The speaker talked about how one can manage his emotions. He gave insights on emotional equation. He discussed about Emotional Competency, Emotional Maturity and Emotional Sensitivity which are constituent of Emotional Intelligence. All the points were well supported by facts, examples and cases. A test was conducted to measure the EQ score of participants.
Dr. Bhoon talked about implications of different scores and how to improve score.

The participants showed an overwhelming response to this session as they found the matter really close to the reality and appreciated the experiences shared by the speaker. The session was very interactive and audience’s concerns regarding managing emotions, recognising and understanding other people's emotion, managing relationships was very nicely addressed.

“The questions of self assessment test on EQ were on very practical cases”
                                                                                 Meghna Tyagi, Ist Year, SJMSoM
“The session was very interactive and full of real life examples”
                                                                                           Sreejith U, Phd,  SJMSoM
“It gave me an idea about managing emotions rather than controlling it”
                                                             Amol Sharma, Deputy Manager, Ashok Leyland
 “I will love to have more sessions with the speaker”
                                                                           Kunal Kumar Roy, 1st  Year, SJMSoM
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