Monday, April 12, 2010

Interaction with Arpit Agrawal

Arpit Agrawal from SOM09 batch is currently Sales Manager at CRL India, a Tata Sons company which created India's fastest supercomputer - Eka. He also co-founded Headstart Network Foundation, a non-profit involved with promotion of entrepreneurship in India by bringing the entire ecosystem around a start-up together. He is a familiar face in entrepreneurial circles & is active in Headstart , Startup Saturday events and Barcamps.
So when he comes down to campus it is feast for the E-club members. As usual majority of audience who came to interact with him in hostel 5 pool room were entrepreneurship enthusiasts. But today during his sudden & short visit Arpit had something else in mind. He spoke about the importance of hard work in internships. “No matter how smart you are (or you believe you areJ) there is no escape from hard work if you want to do a more than satisfactory job”, Arpit said.  He spoke from his own & the experiences of his batch mates and friends. He said that having realistic expectation from internship projects is very critical so that one doesn’t get disappointed if his/her project turns out to be not what he/she had in mind.
The importance of networking was also stressed up on. “Maintaining a very good relation with your guide & socialize and spent time with your fellow interns”, said Arpit.  He recalled instances when networks he established during internship came handy.


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