Friday, August 20, 2010

Experience Sharing Session by ConSIG

With summers process not very far away, ConSIG continues the commendable job of conducting experiences  sharing sessions. It helps us get a perspective on kind of assignments given during summers as well as help us focus on key areas required for successful execution of projects. In this session, Navish and Anirban from SOM11 shared their summers experiences in consulting profile. After that Navish, Somak and Mayur shared their experiences of participating in various B school competitions.

Navish Dogra did his summer’s internship in Wipro Business Consulting. He started with a brief overview of structure of companies under Wipro group. He worked on preparing KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and performed Value-Mapping analyses for one of the large logistics services provider. We got to understand some new concepts in freight management process and learned importance of KPIs and value mapping framework. He also shared the challenge of data gathering from client and local people.

Then Anirban talked about his internship in eClerx. EClerx is an Indian KPO based in Mumbai. His work was to convert “offline data” to market intelligence for a customer. He had to identify the problem areas and the countries where the recommendations can be implemented. He used some tool like time series analysis for fluctuation analysis. He also stressed on the importance of understanding BPDs (Business Process Documents) for consultants.

In later part of the session, Somak, Mayur and Navish discussed some general guidelines for participating in B school competitions. They also shared their experience of a social B-plan contest held at FMS last year where they were runner up. They highlighted the importance of providing practical solutions with in depth analysis to business problems well supported by financial analysis.
All in all, it was another wonderful and an insightful session. We learnt some new consulting concepts and now we eagerly look forward to next session.

Written by,
Jay Wadhwa


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