Saturday, August 7, 2010

Experience Sharing Session by ConSIG, the Consulting Club of SJMSoM

After the induction program, it was the time to start the club activities for the year 2010-11. ConSIG, the consulting club of SJMSoM, started its activities by conducting the summer internship experience sharing session on 12th August, 2010. Swapnadeep, Ankul & Sanjoe from SOM-11 batch shared their summer’s experiences of working for in consulting profiles varying from supply chain consulting to management consuting and private equity profiles.

The session started with the presentation by Swapnadeep Bhattacharya who had his internship in Global eProcure – a boutique consulting firm that specializes in Supply Chain Management.Global eProcure (GeP) is in business of helping companies transform their procurement operations by refining supply chain practices. During his talk, Swapnil shared his knowledge on GeP’s work culture and introduced many concepts, for example Forward Auctioning, Reverse Auctioning, MRO (Maintenance Repair Operation), TCO (Total Cost Ownership) Analysis, Market Print, etc.

Then Ankul Tulsyan who did his internship in Capgemini Business Consulting, shared his experiences. He worked in about 6 projects in multiple sectors including retail and cement during his 2 month stint there. He talked about AS-TO and Costumer Relevancy frameworks that are widely used at Capgemini. He also shared the different challenges he faced starting from doing the research of cement industry on first day of his internship to preparing presentation for the client in the short notice of just 1 hour.

Lastly, Sanjoe Tom Jose shared his experiences. He did his internship in Future Capital Holding- a Private Equity firm which is now renamed as Everstone.  He was involved in Restructuring of business of one of their investee companies. He shared that his major task was to plan & execute a road map for expansion of the business. He told he used multiple ways to achieve it such as planning some incentives for workers & getting area level promotions executed. He told about the challenges he faced in managing the highly experienced managers & convincing them. 

He concluded by emphasizing on the importance of networking & people management which was the learning he got from his internship. We also got to know some basic concepts of PE, the difference between PE, VC and Angel Investor and their role.After the session, students added terms like GPs (General partners) & LPs(Limited Partners) to their business vocabulary.

Each of the presentation was followed by Q&A. Students from SoM-12 as well as; SoM-11 were very enthusiastic in asking questions & gaining knowledge about the work their peers have done that exemplified the importance of learning from the peers in a B-School.

The summers experience session was followed by a short discussion on the solution of CONVOLUTED – the online strategy game conducted by ConSIG for SOM12 students. The participants enthusiastically discussed possible solutions to the case study. After an insightful brainstorming session, Anirban & Ujjayan (event coordinators from SoM'11) shared the best possible solution to the case to which most of the participants agreed.

Unlike finance, marketing, or operations, consulting is more of an applied field as there are no dedicated subjects to learn from. In such scenario, ConSIG plays a vital role to bridge this gap and provides a very important platform to understand and prepare for consultancy profiles in industry. All in all, we gained immensely from this two hour session. Many of us are looking forward to be a member of this club.

written by,
Rakesh Jethani & Jay Wadhwa,

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