Saturday, September 18, 2010

Life @ SJMSoM, IIT Bombay

Two years...even four years of campus life is not sufficient to enjoy life at IIT Bombay”. This statement from the seniors used to surprise me and I used to wonder that how can one not get bored of living at a place for two or four years at a stretch. Now that I am here, I have understood why they say so. The very first step inside the campus gave me different but a special warmth. The first thing that caught my sight was the serene greenery in the campus, spanning till infinity. As I progressed, I saw how the people living here had created an entirely new world of their own. The campus contains anything and everything one may think of- extending from canteens, stationeries, swimming pools and recreational centers to bank, hospital, gym, temple and even a lake.

The campus contains 12 boy’s and 2 girl’s hostels each having its own canteen, mess, computer room, TV room, music room and a gym. I was allotted a room on the seventh floor of the hostel number 10. What first seemed to be a problem with the floor turned out to be the best possible thing for me, when I came to see the complete campus along with the Powai Lake and skyscrapers of Mumbai from the window of my room. It seemed to be a divine painting which someone had painted on my window. Enthralled by the view, I went further to the Powai Lake. There, I was welcomed by a flock of swans adding to the overall beauty of the place. As told by the seniors, a day was not enough to explore the entire campus and I came back.

For the next few days, I got engaged in the learning process of one of the best schools in India. Understanding the importance of fun besides studies, my seniors planned a treasure hunt for the students my batch. That day turned out to be the best day till date, of my life at IIT Bombay. The treasure hunt began with a clue leading to the famous Devi temple in the campus. After taking the blessings from the temple, we went in search of our next clue which brought us to the hospital in the campus. The hospital contained all the facilities required by any patient and catered to all their needs. The next clue led us to the E-cell known for its entrepreneurial initiatives. This led us to the search of an infinity corridor in the campus. While moving inside it, I figured out as to why it has this name- while standing in the corridor, its ends are invisible i.e. seems to be located at infinity. I went on further to discover more and more places during the hunt. What added to the fun was the continuous rain which gives the campus a look of utopia. Thanks to the initiative taken by the seniors, that I along with my friends came to know a lot about our campus that day.

What fascinates me the most is the fact that IIT Bombay is not just about the places I mentioned earlier. It is about finding something new every time you think that you are done knowing the entire campus. I am still on my way, discovering the campus. Next on my list are the famous Sameer Hills and the architectural wonder-The Cone. I know there is a lot more waiting to be discovered and hope to reach them as soon as possible. As the people say- two years...even four years of campus life is not sufficient to enjoy life at IIT Bombay - I just wish that my two years at IIT transform into an unending journey..... full of life!!

Divya Barange
Class of 2012

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