Friday, January 28, 2011

Leadership Lecture Series #5 by Mr. Jaitirth Rao a.k.a. Mr. Jerry Rao

 (Mr. Jerry Rao seen interacting witht he students of SJMSOM during the fifth lecture in Leadership Lecture Serieson27th Jan. 2011 from 6 p.m. to 8 Kresit auditorium.)

Brief Profile of Mr. Jerry Rao
Jerry Rao, the iconic founder of IT firm Mphasis has also served as General Manager and Vice President of India operations of Electronic Data Systems Corp. (EDS) . Mr. Rao served as Non- Executive Chairman and Non- Executive Director of Mphasis BFL of Electronic Data Systems Corp.

Now Jerry is completely immersed into his next business innings: Nano housing.

Just like the Nano car, he wants to work backwards from his sub-Rs 7 lakh price point to deliver homes to a varied buyer profile that includes drivers, housemaids, plumbers and electricians. Jerry Rao’s new venture, Value and Budget Housing Development Corporation, is targeting building a million homes in 10 years in 17 cities.

Synopsis of his lecture:
You don't necessarily have to be the top most authority in your group/organization to be a leader; at some point or the other all of us expected to be a leader when situation demands exemplary portrayal of that one best quality/talent each one of us possess. The works of Shakespeare, especially 'Henry V' offers a lot to learn about leadership and how a leader is born from an ordinary human being.

Contributed by,
San Joe Tom Jose,
SJMSOM, Class of 2011.

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