Wednesday, February 9, 2011

ConSIG11 passes on the baton of responsibility to ConSIG12

They sweated, partnered and strategized to build the brand, to build the culture and to build the expertise, now the baton of responsibility passes on to the next generation of high performers. With the culmination of a successful tenure, ConSIG11 passes on the responsibilities to ConSIG12 with hope, excitement and joy and in what better way than having a grand party at one of the buzzing malls of Mumbai. Congratulations to ConSIG11 for an excellent year and all the best to ConSIG12 for the exciting year ahead.


  1. Wish ConSIG'12 all the best in taking brand 'ConSIG' to higher level!!

  2. Thanks a lot Vishal.. We'll definitely leverage the excellent work you guys have done and take ConSIG to higher and higher level.