Monday, July 25, 2011

Alumni Interaction Session - Induction SOM13

The First Glimpse of Alumni for the SOM 13 Batch

A strong alumni base is a coveted aspect of any good B School. The legacy created by SJMSOM over the past 15 years of its existence clearly manifests itself in its strong and varied alumni base. A dedicated Team for “Alumni Relations”, committed to encash the legacy, organized the first alumni interaction session for the newly inducted batch of 2013.
The occasion was graced by the presence of three distinguished alumnus from three different sectors of Corporate. Firstly, we had Mr Abhishek Sharma, Asst Director, MTS at Gurgaon (SOM batch 2006). He has also worked as a consultant with Ernst & Young in a wide spectrum ranging from Banking & Finance, Telecom to Tourism and Hospitality. Apart from sharing his experiences of corporate life, he also emphasized the importance of leveraging the diversity that SJMSOM offers because of it being a part of IIT system. The two years at SOM would be preparation for life, where the journey would be intellectually challenging and interesting.

Next to share the dais was Mr Reapan Tikoo, CEO of Powai Labs, a company which focuses on the innovation in the electronic design and automation Space. A first generation entrepreneur, an alumnus of SJMSOM 2002 batch, he embodies a tremendous passion for work and a spirit to achieve the extraordinary. Apart from sharing his instincts about life and his journey from Srinagar to London School of Economics, he also shared the difficulties he faced in raising funds for his start up. He stressed the importance of the platform provided by SJMSOM for incubating his company in SINE, IIT Bombay.
To carry the session further we had Mr Pritam Singh (GM, marketing and strategy, Lodha Group), an alumnus of SJMSOM batch 2005. To begin with he had a very interesting concept to visualize the relationship among work, money, and personal life which he termed as “Tripod Conundrum”.  He encouraged students to make good use of their stay at IIT B while maintaining a balance among work, play, and other extra-curricular activities.

All in all, it was extremely encouraging and delightful (which was evident in the plaudits received by the speakers) for SOM 2013 who also visualized their dreams being materialized by the alumnus. Expecting all the more now……..

- Hardik Chauhan and Sanchit Singhal - SOM13


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