Wednesday, September 7, 2011


The Run-up:
                News about the freshers’ party spread like a wildfire among SOM 13 students just as one of the seniors uttered a word about it during the initial stages of the induction. However, we completely lost track of things as chaos struck us in the form of various assignments, surprise quizzes and midterms. It was almost a month when the first mail regarding fresher’s party reached our inbox. Though most of us had many meetings that day we still found time to make it to the meet regarding fresher’s party. The seniors disclosed the much awaited details regarding the fresher’s party. The party was scheduled on Friday, the nineteenth of August. The theme selected by the seniors for the party was a surprise ‘Hawaiian’ theme! Before we had time to imagine such a scenario, we realized the fun did not end there! The fresher’s party organizing team had come up with a devious event for this year by the name of ‘Get a Date’. According to the rules of the event, we were supposed to get a date from the seniors’ batch! The pairs will have to come up with a short act or dance or anything entertaining based on which the Mr. and Ms. Fresher’s title would be given. Though the participation in the event was left to our choice, most of us had already started speculating as to which senior to ask out! A week later, when all the hue and cry had died down, further information was provided was provided about the party and the dinner.
The D-Day:
                August 19th arrived in a whirlwind, with the day beginning badly for most of us with two back-to-back midterm exams in the morning. The afternoon was spent by most of us either taking a break or making some last minute purchases for the fresher’s party. Finally it was time to set out for the party and most of us had embraced ourselves with typical Hawaiian dresses! With other students of IIT campus staring at us wide eyed, we set off in the bus to the venue. Due to some delays on the way, we reached around two hours late much to the dismay of some of us! But all issues were obliterated once we stepped into the hotel.
The Party:
                As we entered into the party hall, we realized that the seniors had already arrived and had made all arrangements. We were blinded by lights flashing everywhere and it seemed as the entire earth was whirling around in a rapid pace! The party kicked off with the contestants for Mr. and Ms. Fresher event lining up to perform. For those of you who want to know what happened to the ‘Get a Date’ event, sorry to say, the event was scrapped due to poor responses from our batch. So seniors had decided to let students perform and select a winner among them as Mr. Fresher (no girls participation!). So the students exhibited a wide variety of talents from usual singing, dancing to the not so common poetry! With the end of the performances, the DJ stepped in to prominence and began with some extraordinary foot tapping numbers. Soon there was a huge crowd (both seniors and juniors!) in the dance floor with people going wilder song after song. The other students, who preferred not to dance, sat in groups discussing things (god knows what!). Wave after wave, the dance just did not stop and carried on. When the clock struck ten, at last one by one slumped to their seats completely exhausted by the dance. Dinner was an equally grand affair in the rooftop, with a delicious assortment of various dishes. Many snaps were clicked to cherish the memories of the day. After being well fed and well-entertained, we retreated to the buses. We reached college around midnight with most of us already asleep in the bus!
                Thinking back, I can sum it up saying that August 19, 2011 was one of the memorable days of my life. Kudos to the SOM12 seniors and the Freshers Party Organizing team for that wonderful day.


  1. Nice! I attended my fresher’s three years ago, in a local event venue space. I had never attended a party that was given by seniors. It was a lot of fun and I ended up singing horribly for five minute. It was really embarrassing, but one of the most fun night’s.