Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Alumni Interaction Session - Interview experience sharing - 20th Nov 2011

Amidst all the tension and apprehensions because of the ongoing end term exams and impending placement season, SOM 12 had a welcome respite when they got a chance to meet and interact with four of their immediate college seniors.  Although the interactive session was scheduled right in the middle of the exams (keeping the convenience of the alumni in mind), it was hearty to see a healthy turn out and that too with lots of warmth and enthusiasm for the alumni and the session respectively.  In an informal environment, the alumni were more than forthcoming with their experiences during the same time last year, when they were going through their final placements. The mission was to help SOM 12 prepare themselves for the most important battle of their life @ SOM and to allay their concerns if any and as it turned out by the end of the session, there were many.

The session kick- started with Nisarg, listing all the points that SOM 12 wanted the alumni to touch upon during their experience sharing. The points included things like interview experiences, resume preparation, etc. To answer all these queries we had with us from SOM 11 ; Swapnil Jadhav , Alhad Jamgaonkar, Narender Dhankhar and Sumant Paul. Swapnil talked at length about the kind of questions that he faced during his interview with GEP. He stressed upon the importance of telling logical stories during the interview in support of your actions and decisions in life. He also told us how one should proactively highlight one’s achievements and steer the interview towards one’s strengths, just as he did during his interview, with his illustration of a case study competition that he had participated in.

Next we heard from Narendra, who is currently working for Welspun.  He not only enlightened the crowed but also amused us all with his unique way of presenting facts with a touch of humor that mainly originated from his honest to heart replies. His story turned out to be quite an anticlimax but one important take away was that never ever under any circumstance, should one be responsible for any action that might demean the college. One might not be interested in a particular job profile but even then one should strive to give one’s best and then negotiate, which is exactly what he did and with such panache.

Next came, what all the finance enthusiasts were waiting for with baited breath. A talk by our rising stars in the world of banking and finance. Alhad talked about his experiences with Yes Bank, starting with the interview moving on to the job profile and much more. Then we heard Sumant talk about ICICI, about how one should be strong with the basics of finance and how important it is to leverage one’s prior work experience in getting the profile of one’s choice. Alhad and Sumant brought forward many nuances related to the various finance profiles on offer at the campus and also brought forward the differences in working environment at Yes bank and ICICI.

All in all, it was a very informative session with dollops of encouragement from SOM 11 for SOM 12. The alumni were happy to come back to their alma mater and contribute towards the betterment of the college, while the juniors were comforted and encouraged by the words of wisdom shared. 

-- Debashree Bhattacharya - Member, Alumni Relations

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