Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Memorable Sunday..Alumni Hangout @ Delhi, 2011

Awesome turnout, Great evening, Incredible enthusiasm!!!
The SJMSOM Alumni Hangout Delhi on the 18th of December 2011 was the second such event of a trend started in 2010. A casual get together over a cup of coffee was the motto of the event, but it turned out to be much more than that.

 We gathered in Cafe Coffee Day, Connaught Place on a foggy Sunday evening at around 5 pm. We were sceptical of the turnout in such bad weather but were glad to see people coming in even till 8 pm. People kept pouring in and so did the hot coffee. One might wonder how much can be discussed just over a cup of coffee; well here we have the answer.
From recent SOM activities, admissions, academics to professional & personal experiences of all, much was discussed at length. Many suggestions and ideas to grow & improve the SJMSOM alumni network were also explored. We had a small introduction round in which everyone shared their most memorable and not so memorable experiences in SOM. This set the pace for the rest of the evening and helped break the ice to set up a fantastic evening.
Though, the CCD outlet is one of the largest hangout cafes in central Delhi, after sometime it seemed that even this place would prove small for the SOM Hangout. At one point of time, all one could see was one large group of 22 people thronging the café and reminiscing over fond memories. When we started, we did not have an end time in mind but had certainly not thought that it would go on till 9pm. Time flew by with everyone going back to their college days during this 4-hour marathon.
The evening was made even more special as it was attended by alumni from seven different batches, from the 1998 to the 2013 batch from Delhi NCR. There were people from varied domains like marketing, operations, human resource, planning & finance. Some of the most senior alumni of SOM were also present like Mr. Ashish Mahajan, SOM Batch of 1998, Mr. Sanjay Yadav, Management Development Program, Batch of 2007 & Mr. Sumit Sahni, Management Development Program, Batch of 2008. For us, it was a great experience to interact with the senior alumni of SJMSOM, some of whom have about 20 years of industry experience. Away from the worry of jobs, placements, internships and academics, it reminded us what else college is all about and what we should definitely not miss out on while in SOM.
The evening was a grand success with everyone going back home with fond memories and zeal to grow the SJMSOM network and integrate the alumni better with the college.
The interest, enthusiasm and energy showed by all were enough to encourage us to keep the momentum high and plan more such activities in future. We received a number of suggestions about how better to integrate the alumni and how to plan such activities, rest assured we will take them into consideration the next time and make the next meet even more memorable.
On behalf of the Alumni Relations Team, we would like to thank everyone who helped made this event such a memorable one.
Last but not the least,
Thanks to the rest of the Alumni Team Members for their effort and support in making this event happen.
Special thanks to Ankur Rustagi & Rajat Sharma for their support in making the event a success.
Sakshi Daral & Yuvraj Singh
Alumni Relations Team


  1. Guys enable Akismet on the wordpress installation to get rid of the spam comments as above. Anyways, nice to my batchmates there at Delhi.


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