Sunday, January 27, 2013


                      here we’s been almost a fortnight since the feline obsession has reached its climax (or should I say anti-climax for the unfortunate?). But, hold on. “Picture aabhi baaki hai mere dost”. Quite so. The hide-n-seek between cat and mouse having been over, the time is ripe for the war of the words. So what about the war-lords? Well, the feelings amongst them are varied but not unfamiliar. Some are overjoyed with their percentiles, some are wary of the processes ahead, some are worrying and speculating about the calls they are going to get in the coming days given the messed up and vastly disparate criteria set by different B-Schools across the palette.  Whatever be the case, no doubt the season for fact-crunching and mastering the art of delivering mind-numbing fattes is on. After all, it is going to be a career deciding couple of months in the life of the “not-knowing-what-to-do-with-their-engineering-career” junta (I guess “MBA aspirants” would have been a much shorter and better approximation of the above term). At least that was the case with me and a bunch of my MBA-aspiring friends, and till date wherever I interacted with people I have found out “Why MBA” is the most dreaded two words in the larger MBA-aspiring/ pursuing fraternity when it comes to be interviewed. So, the reader might well excuse me for being myopic or judgmental.  Now, what makes me write this piece of blog (boring monologue) is a little bit of retrospect driven by a hell lot of nostalgia of having been there just on year back and may be the underlying message (though I’m not sure if there are any) thus conveyed may prove to be highly useful to make the confused junta even more confused with their decisions (evil laughter). The sadistic pleasure of giving the share of similar plight which I am still going through sounds enticing. Yeah, you heard it right-those two words still scare the hell out of me. But if it is not an interview, I would like to talk a li’l bit about that question.
                              People with work-experience (including me) say they are doing MBA as they seek “better growth opportunities” at work. But I must state that MBA is about again going back to your yesteryears for the last time and enjoy every bit of it (until and unless you are geeky enough to study even further) because when you were in college you did not realize what a bliss it still was and might have whined about the boring classes (whenever you attended them) or being away from home or missing the good old school days. If you are wondering what it means to be a student again, I must say that the most fun part is the opportunity to be a back-bencher for the next two-years. You won’t worry about performance appraisals and the salary hikes associated with it. You will be having strict deadlines and your share of deliverables but won’t have to tolerate that monstrous “Boss” dancing on your head. People with unwanted flab (and the lack of determination to reduce it) will get thinner for the want of “Friday Nights”. The adventure of attending exams unprepared would thrill you with the pristine joy you ceased to experience long ago (note this not to encourage lack of discipline in study as you will be thrilled to death when the results are out either) and you will always find at least one guy in the class who is comparable to what is Sachin is to cricket, simply creating all kinds of records in every field or subject he approaches and he will make you realize what a failure you are. Now that is something. Jokes apart, you will learn to be humble as you will understand there can always be someone better than you. Fortunately, you will get to see many big-shots from corporate world and at large doing lectures and unfortunately will have to swallow a lot of that unwanted crap from them. Specifically, being a part of SOM, you will have the luxury to roam around a huge, green campus (not to forget the Powai lake), play a lot of games, get to meet amazing seniors like us,  enjoy loads of cultural programs, and be a part of the Avenues, Mood Indigo or the Techfest in particular. Last but not the least; you get to enjoy a whole one month of vacation (being an IITian) after each semester ends. One month of vacation!!! Guys, you just know how invaluable that isJ
                          So, to conclude, I wish all the aspirants to give their best in the coming days so that they get to learn a lot of mumbo-jumbos in the near future with which they will be able to fool their bosses for the rest of their lives. That is why some people (read IT engineers like myself) really see MBA as a means to achieve the true freedom for good!! Well, guys, fight hard. Hoping to see some of you people in the coming days (and if those of you are just as we are, well, we will be plain!!!
Abhishek Banerjee


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