Wednesday, February 13, 2013

SoMADventure club: Republic day Biathlon

          Footsteps! Doors being knocked...half asleep bodies loitering in the corridors Wing 4, Hostel 1, IIT-Bombay came to life as usual. Oh did I write as usual ??? No it wasn’t usual for the simple reason that all the activities were quite the same but the time was 0500 hrs on a public holiday !!!!
         Our dear SoMADventure club guys were all around as if they had taken up the mantle to accomplish some mammoth feat.
         Unbelievably, the unexpected had happened. From what I saw a century of people had gathered at the Campus Hub near H-5, unexpectedly almost 90 of them were for SJMSOM, IIT-Bombay and unbelievably ALL of them were from SOM 14 batch an achievement in itself. SoMADventure club ably guided by Prof. Momaya had scaled the peak.
       This century had gathered to be a part of the Republic Biathlon organized in IIT-Bombay which was open for all students and faculties. To represent SOM our esteemed faculty Prof. T.T.Niranjan was also part of the run. Our Prof. led by example and put many of us to shame with the level of physical fitness he demonstrated.
        The event was quite simple, a 3 km run followed by 7 km cycling and majority of us were unable to make some jugaad for cycle hence were only part of the run. Interestingly everyone finished the run but the timings ranged from as fast as 13 minutes to a leisurely 30 minutes. It was a pleasant experience for one and all.
        The event was graced by Padma Shri Prof. Phatak, and Prof.U.A.Yajnik who shared very erudite insights with the participants to boost their morale. Their presence put the icing on the cake on an event successfully organized by our newly incepted SoMADventure club with active participation from select few B Tech, M Tech and Phd  students from the institute.
Chaitanya Vinod,


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