Saturday, August 17, 2013

"Penning SOM Thoughts" - Coming Back To Life - Kaustubh Kirti

Coming Back To Life

Coming from an engineering background, the portals of IIT Bombay has always been much revered for me. Not only does being here give me great fulfillment, I am also excited about starting B-school. Like a lot of engineers in the country, I felt the need to go beyond my profession. I wanted a chance to rediscover myself and follow my passion. So I ended up here at Bombay, with many dreams and a lot of hope. I believe that I “find myself” by the time I leave campus!! The wait got over when I boarded the train in Delhi bound for Mumbai. The well-known Mumbai showers made an unexpected appearance to give me one grand welcome! I arrived at the hostel completely drenched. My luggage was all wet. I was smiling though. I had left hostel life two years in the past and I was now back. That called for a celebration and kept my spirits high.

What followed was a weeklong orientation programme. The entire week was a great experience and there were several memorable moments that I would probably remember for a long time. We had numerous interactions with the alumni. We got acquainted with alumnus Mr Reapan Tikoo from Powai Labs. I specifically remember this interaction because he used the term “sab bhagya hai” in an imposing manner whenever he was asked about making decisions and solving dilemmas on entrepreneurship. We also participated in a group activity called “Treasure Hunt”. Considering the size of the campus, it was truly a hectic event. We were awestruck by expanse of the infrastructure the school has to offer. IIT Bombay boasts of world class amenities. The seniors however told us that the students from School of Management never get to use them. They had come to the campus with the same enthusiasm but, between assignments, they never got time to even peek into these amenities.

We started our classes soon after. I did not realize when sleepless nights and endless discussions over competitions became part of our lifestyle. It was one competition or the other every day. I had literally woken up at 8am and somehow managed to reach the class before the teacher got to throw me out at 8:30. We discussed classes, competitions and the cultural night. In just a week, I was a part of a batch that is “getting their hands dirty” in every possible field. There was a lot of energy and vigour around. I read this outside a church once - Make God laugh. Tell him your plans. Much of what we plan does not come to pass; things follow and become more chaotic by the day, but they also make life more interesting. My life at SOM had started off the same way. I had learnt the sheer truth in all the gyaan about sleepless nights and endless assignments. Above all I know this will be a thoroughly enjoyable experience here and I am going to make the most out of it.

Written by,
Kaustubh Kirti,


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