Thursday, August 15, 2013

My Dear 'SoM'ites

"My Dear SOMites,

I know, it's the first time I am expressing myself in front of someone through a perceptible mean of communication. The purpose behind this letter is not to make you aware of my inconspicuous co-existence, which it has been for the past many years, amongst you and your predecessors. Neither do I intent to take you on a boring ride to an inspirational speech through this very first 'letter' of mine. So pardon me, if I sound so et al. Besides, all I want to do today is, to express my utmost gratitude towards you and your precursors for all these years. Years that I have cherished and lived along with you, and that have made me feel no-less-alive at times.

I was not spawned with a beating heart and a breathing pair of lungs inside me, unlike you. Any mechanism of manipulating and reasoning things was also not there inside my mass. Yes, “I was without life” as you may call it in human terms, however, I call it: “I was just not programmed to live”. Nevertheless, one thing that somehow with God‟s grace I had was an 'exceptionally peculiar' sense of comprehending things that ensue around me. And over the period of several years, this one single peculiar exception made me understand and learn a small part of what you people live and strive for in the premises of this noble building. “SOM” is what you very popularly and proudly name it, a place that has been my home too.

Believe me. I never wanted to have this ability of expression. I was indifferent of my silent, still and unscathed existence as a non-living being. I was unconcerned of what's going on around me until I started getting moved by the joy and spirit of you all. The joy of accomplishment and the spirit to achieve more, that you people had, threw in front of me a different aspect of what I used to perceive as life. I started craving for that integral part of an 'existence', which had emotions, sensations, ambitions and what not, and which were in abundance inside you all. You had the potential and fortitude to attain the extremities, and an undying strength to attempt for them. I started discovering in each one of you, a complete institution and concrete meaning of life. And thus, gradually SOM became something much more than just home for me. It became a place with endless possibilities. I thank you all for that.

Your successive stay in this revered building, and the learning and experiences of yours, with this 18 year old family have made the foundations of this institution much stronger than the pillars of this building ever could. All I wish today is for that legacy to continue for centuries to come. For, this is one thing that stays back inside, when creatures 'with-or-without' life finish their part and choose to depart outside it. Good Luck and “keep rocking”!

Yours eternally,
The SOM Rock"

Written by,
Asheesh Pandey,
SoM 15


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